AOD-L - Fenix Diffuser Tip (Transparent - 63mm)

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FENIX AOD-L Diffuser Tip is specially designed for Fenix flashlights to diffuse and soften the light. It converts the focused high-output beam of Fenix flashlight to a softer diffused wide-angle light. AOD-L diffuse thelight and convert your flashlight into a lantern, signalling light, reading light or tent light, etc.

Features of Fenix AOD-L:
• Fits flashlights of 63mm Diameter; such as Fenix flashlights TK40, TK41 and TK60
• Easy to attach, easy to remove - just attach the diffuser to the flashlight head and turn on the light
• Made of quality PC2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG
• Impact resistant, pressure resistant, super durable, which is known as bullet-proof plastic
• High temperature resistant with good heat stability
• 50mm(L) x 66.2mm(Dia)
• Net weight: 26 grams

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