Group Discounts

Vancouver Battery is a proud supporter of many groups in our community.  Some of the groups that we support are:

First Responders and Law Enforcement

Some of our best customers are police officers, firefighters, paramedics and customs officers.   We offer all of these groups discounts on all of our products.  It's the least that we can do for these people who keep our communities safe.  Make sure to identify yourselves when you come into the store so we can take care of you properly.



Professional photographers are the main reason back in the early years of our business that we now are a distributor of MAHA products which we feel are one of the best chargers and batteries available on the market.  Many of you have stuck with us since our beginning and we appreciate every sale you have given us.  Make sure you show us your business card to get your discounts.



Students are our future and we try to support them as much as possible.  Please show us your Student ID and we will apply your student discounts on your purchases.