Panasonic is one of the most reputable names in the world for it products.   Their Eneloop batteries are one of the most famous and in our opinion one of the best batteries available on the market.  In recent years they have added the Eneloop Pro batteries to the lineup which have higher capacity and are suited to the most demanding of battery users.  In addition Panasonic has 2 reasonable priced kits that include either the Eneloop and Enelooop Pro batteries.  Click here to see the Panasonic rechargeable lineup

The other key part of the Panasonic lineup is the alkaline and lithium primary batteries.   They are reasonably priced and very reliable.   In addition to selling these to our customers at our two retail locations we wholesale this product to many of our dealers across Canada who provide these to their communities across Canada.

Panasonic Alkaline Lineup

Panasonic Lithium Lineup