B2B Battery Sales

Vancouver Battery specializes in selling batteries to other businesses.  We have discounted pricing for all of our repeat customers.  Our customers include healthcare, government, industrial, educational and many more.  If you are a reseller, please go to our page on Wholesale.

Through the years we have established relationships with high quality brands such as Energizer, Panasonic, Infinity and MAHA, Fenix and have access to many others.  Our goal is to be your battery supplier but more importantly we strive to be your battery source, so if you have any questions about batteries feel free to contact us.  If it's not our specialty, we will likely be able to point in the direction of someone who can help.  We believe in helping people, know what we do best and don't mind connecting you to other battery companies that do other areas better than we do.

We thank all of our existing customers and look forward to being your battery supplier!  For business inquiries please contact Danny at Danny@vancouverbattery.com.  We look forward to working with you soon!


Danny Wong


Vancouver Battery




Contact us today and let us make your battery purchases worry free!