PS-682 - Powersonic 6 volt - 9.0Ah - F1

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PS-682 F1

Powersonic PS-682 - 6V / 9.0Ah Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery
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Manufacturer :Powersonic
Chemistry : Lead-acid (Pb-H2SO4)
Nominal Voltage :  6 V
Nominal Capacity : 9.0 Ah
Length : 3.86 inches
Width : 2.20 inches
Heigth : 4.72 inches
Approximate Weight : 3.20 lbs.
Terminal Type : F1: .187 MALE PUSH ON
Six (6) months limited warranty from date of purchase
Compatible with the following batteries:
ADT Security 4520608
ADT Security 4520610
ADT Security 476778
Atlite 341010
B & B Battery BP136T3
B & B Battery BP86
B & B Battery BP86V
Battery Center BC670WL
Battery Center BC682
Battery Center BCG680
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