IT 7.2-12 F1 - GS Infinity 12volt - 7.2Ah - F1

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IT 7.2-12 F1

Infinity IT7.2-12 F1 -  12V - 7.2 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery

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Manufacturer: Infinity
Chemistry: Lead-acid (Pb-H2SO4)
Nominal Voltage: 12 V
Nominal Capacity: 7.2 Ah
Length: 151 mm (5.94")
Width: 65 mm (2.56")
Height: 94 mm (3.70") excluding terminals - 100 mm (3.94") including terminals
Approximate Weight: 2.71 kg (5.33 lbs)
Terminal Type: F1 (0.187" tab)
Six (6) months limited warranty from date of purchase
Compatible with the following batteries:
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BB Battery BP7.5-12
CSB GP1272
DSC BD7-12
Exaltor 1270
GFX NP7-12
GS Battery PE12V7.2F1
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GS Battery PX12090
GS Battery PXL12072
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Johnson Controls JC1260
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Panasonic LC-P127R2P
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Panasonic LC-R127R2P
Panasonic LCR12V7.2P
Power-Sonic PS-1265
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Power-Sonic PS-1282
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