CPH-515J - Empire, NiMH 2.4volt 750mA

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Empire Cordless Handset Replacement Battery for American Telcom LH070-3A43C2BRML1P, AT&T/Lucent BT166342, BT-166342, BT266342, BT-266342, 02165, Dantona BATT-E30025CL, Empire CPH515J, CPH-515J, Lexel LH070-3A43C2BRML1P, LH070-3A43C2BRML.1P, Sanik 2SN-AAA60H-S-X2F, 2SNAAA70H-S-X2F, 2SNAAA70HSX2F, RadioShack 23-1226, 2301226, 23-1193, 2301193, VTech BT183342, BT-183342, BT283342, BT-283342, VTech 89134701, 89-1347-01-00, 89134702, 89-1347-02-00

Chemistry : NiMh
Colour : Green
Voltage : 2.4V
Nominal Capacity : 750 mAh
Dimensions :
Weight : 0.1 lbs.

Special Instruction: Install battery & charge before use

One (1) year limited warranty from date of purchase

Compatible with the following batteries:
American Telcom LH070-3A43C2BRML1P
AT&T/Lucent BT166342
AT&T/Lucent BT-166342
AT&T/Lucent BT266342
AT&T/Lucent BT-266342
AT&T/Lucent 02165
Lexel LH070-3A43C2BRML1P
Lexel LH070-3A43C2BRML.1P
Dantona BATT-E30025CL
Empire CPH515J
Empire CPH-515J
Sanik 2SN-AAA60H-S-X2F
Sanik 2SNAAA70H-S-X2F
RadioShack 23-1226
RadioShack 2301226
RadioShack 23-1193
RadioShack 2301193
VTech BT183342
VTech BT-183342
VTech BT283342
VTech BT-283342
VTech 89134701
VTech 89-1347-01-00
VTech 89134702
VTech 89-1347-02-00


Fits the following phone models:

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