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Battery Products

Our Brands

Vancouver Battery Corp. is very proud of the batteries it sells. We carefully select our brands to insure our customers get the best products possible. Click on any of the logos and we will explain why we choose them and also some information on each of them.

Battery Product Selection

Vancouver Battery Corp. president and CEO, Danny Wong started the company in 2001 and it has grown steadily since that time. The key to our success is researching the batteries that people need and want and then going out to find the best suppliers we can to help us bring those products to the market.

We do as much research on the products as we can before we bring them on as one of our suppliers. We do not ever want to hear bad reviews from our customers regarding the quality of our products. You can count on us to be very competitive in all areas but our goal is to have our customers say the ĎVancouver Battery Corp.í is the best battery supplier around and we canít do that if we are always based on price. Furthermore, we would never compromise our reputation by selling sub standard batteries.

We get emails everyday from Asian battery manufacturers wanting us to carry their products. Our friends and relatives in China have said many times that you can have any quality of battery made dependent on the price that you are willing to pay. Because we know that batteries go into so many household products and are in our hands and more importantly in the hands of our children we donít take chances on what we carry. Every battery that we carry is something we would not hesitate to use in our own homes. Even if we have to source a specialty battery, if it isnít from someone we trust we donít offer it.

The saying that ĎYou get what you pay forí is so true. We know there is an influx of batteries online at really low prices but we also know that there are risks that come with low pricing such as shipping costs, defect rates, poor quality, customs delays, brokerage fees etc. In the end the pricing is not always as low as it seems and if you get a defective it can be a hassle to get a replacement. We take all these problems out of the equation for our customers while still providing competitive pricing.

While some of our suppliers may cost a little more, we also get a lot more in terms of quality and support. In the event that a battery is defective, we donít take days or weeks to give you a replacement or return authorization. We exchange very quickly because we know our suppliers stand behind us. We know that their products are high quality because of the amount of returns we have are incredibly low. And when we have to return something, they make it easy on us which allows us to be accommodating to our customers.

We continue to add brands and products as we become aware of our customers wants. Our ability to supply all the batteries that our customers want and need is one of our biggest strengths.

Our goal is to provide Ďvalue to our customersí. Value to us is competitive pricing, quality products and customer service. We look forward to being of value to you!

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Energizer HDC32E Vision HD+ 200 Lumen Headlight
Energizer HDC32E Vision HD+ 200 Lumen Headlight
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Maha - MH-C800S Eight Bank Smart Charger for AA/AAA
I have had the MAHA MH-C800S charger in my household for 2 y ..
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