CR1620-PC-C5 - Panasonic (1/C5) - 1 piece

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Panasonic CR1620 - 3.0 Volt Flat Lithium Button Cell Battery (1 of C5) (for Key Fobs)

Vancouver Battery Corp is a main distributor of Panasonic products in Canada.  We love providing these to our local customers through our two retail stores but equally as important we wholesale these to other companies serving their local communities as well as work with other businesses and organizations such as hospitals, retirement homes, schools and manufacturers that require regular supply of Panasonic products.  We offer B2B discounts and all of our help with Panasonic battery products as well as all other battery questions.  Panasonic is one of our core brands that we have carried for almost 20 years.  Panasonic batteries are high quality, great priced and very reliable. Contact us today for your battery inquiries at 604-737-8463 or [email protected]

  • Brand:                                     Panasonic
  • Type:                                       Coin Cell
  • Model:                                     CR1620
  • Chemical System:                     Li / MnO2
  • Nominal Voltage:                      3V
  • Rated Capacity:                        75 mAh
  • Average Weight:                       1.3 g 
  • Temperature Range:                 -30 - +60 °C
  • Diameter:                                16 mm
  • Height:                                    2 mm
Compatible with:    ECR1620 
 LM1620  R1620   BR1620 
Duracell DL1620 GP CR2032 Sony CR1620
Energizer ECR1620 Eveready ECR1620 Varta CR1620
Common Uses:    
Calculators Computers Electronic Components
Flashlights Garage Openers Key Fobs
Remote Contols Toys Watches
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