PL123A - Duracell Procell CR123A - Lithium 3V (12/Box)

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Duracell PL123A
Duracell Procell PL123A (CR123) 3.0volt 1400mAh Lithium Battery (12 per box)

Brand : Duracell Procell
Chemistry: Lithium
Nominal Voltage : 3.0V
Operating Temperature : -40 to 70 degree Celsius
Typical Capacity : 1400 mAh
Typical Weight : 17 grams
Dimensions : 17mm(Dia) x 34.2mm(H)

  • 10-Year shelf life
  • Replaces CR123A primary Lithium batteries for film cameras and LED flashlights, flash units and night vision goggles
  • Provides optimum, long-lasting performance
  • Light weight and operate well in wide range of temperature