HCMU11E - Energizer Professional Multi-Use Flashlights - 75 Lumens - Includes 1 x AA

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Energizer 12950 - Black Hard Case Professional Multi-use LED Work Flashlight (Battery Included) (HCMU11E)

Energizer Professional Multi-Use LED Flashlight

A Hard Case For The Hard Workers

Energizer understands that as a professional, Multi-Use tools are more superior than stand-alone tools. The Energizer Hard Case Professional Multi-Use Light was designed with both emergency responders and everyday users in mind. The durable construction lets you use this light anywhere without worrying about damaging your light. It is impact resistant up to seven meters, has a shatterproof lens, and an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Running on only one AA alkaline battery, this multi-use light has a 75 Lumen output and an impressive runtime of six hours! It burns brighter and longer - making it one of the best tools to have with you.

Furthermore, this multi-purpose light features multiple hands-free options. You can attach this light to practically any surface with the included magnets, the included pivoting clip, or wear it around your neck with the lanyard! With these hands-free features you can easily take this light with you anywhere and at anytime making this the perfect multi-use light.

  • Lanyard
  • Pivoting Clip
  • Magnets
  • AA Alkaline Battery
  • Multi-Use accessories making transportation and hands-free use easier than before
  • Water and Impact resistance
  • Latest LED technology
  • Power Source: 1 x AA Alkaline Battery
  • Peak Beam Distance: 30 meters (98.43 ft.)
  • Brightness Outputs:IPX Rating: IPX4
    • High 75 Lumens - 6 Hours
  • Impact Resistance: 7 meters (22.97 ft.)


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