FRS-009-NH / W-MT4477A - Empire, NiMH 3.6volt 1500mA

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Empire Replacement Battery for Motorola HKNN4002, Motorola HKNN4002A, Motorola HKNN4002B, Motorola HKNW4002A, Motorola KEBT-071, Motorola KEBT-071-B, Motorola KEBT-650, Motorola KEBT071, Motorola KEBT071B; Fits IKEGAMU BNH-4002, IKEGAMU BNH-4002, Motorola 1532, Motorola 4002A, Motorola 53615, Motorola EM1000R, Motorola EM1020R, Motorola FRS-4002A, Motorola FV500, Motorola FV600, Motorola FV800, Motorola MC220R, Motorola MC225R, Motorola MD200, Motorola MD200R, Motorola MD200TPR, Motorola MD207R, Motorola MH230R, Motorola MJ270R, Motorola MJ430R, Motorola MR350R, Motorola MR350R VP, Motorola MR350TPR, Motorola MR355R, Motorola MR356R, Motorola MR560R, Motorola MS350R, Motorola MS355R, Motorola MT350R, Motorola MT352R, Motorola MT352TPR, Motorola MU350R, Motorola T4800, Motorola T4900, Motorola T5000, Motorola T5022, Motorola T5025, Motorola T5100, Motorola T5200, Motorola T5300, Motorola T5320, Motorola T5400, Motorola T5410, Motorola T5420, Motorola T5500, Motorola T5512, Motorola T5522, Motorola T5525, Motorola T5600, Motorola T5620, Motorola T5700, Motorola T5710, Motorola T5720, Motorola T5800, Motorola T5820, Motorola T5900, Motorola T5920, Motorola T5950, Motorola T6000, Motorola T6500, Motorola T6500R, Motorola T8500, Motorola T9500, Motorola T9680RSAME.

Chemistry : NiMH
Colour :
Voltage : 3.6V
Nominal Capacity : 1500 mAh
Dimensions :
Weight: :

One (1) year limited warranty from date of purchase

Compatible with the following batteries:
Motorola HKNN4002
Motorola HKNN4002A
Motorola HKNN4002B
Motorola HKNW4002A
Motorola KEBT-071
Motorola KEBT-071-B
Motorola KEBT-650
Motorola KEBT071
Motorola KEBT071B


Fits the following models:
Motorola 1532
Motorola 4002A
Motorola 53615
Motorola EM1000R
Motorola EM1020R
Motorola FRS-4002A
Motorola FV500
Motorola FV600
Motorola FV800
Motorola MC220R
Motorola MC225R
Motorola MD200
Motorola MD200R
Motorola MD200TPR
Motorola MD207R
Motorola MH230R
Motorola MJ270R
Motorola MJ430R
Motorola MR350R
Motorola MR350R VP
Motorola MR350TPR
Motorola MR355R
Motorola MR356R
Motorola MR560R
Motorola MS350R
Motorola MS355R
Motorola MT350R
Motorola MT352R
Motorola MT352TPR
Motorola MU350R
Motorola T4800
Motorola T4900
Motorola T5000
Motorola T5022
Motorola T5025
Motorola T5100
Motorola T5200
Motorola T5300
Motorola T5320
Motorola T5400
Motorola T5410
Motorola T5420
Motorola T5500
Motorola T5512
Motorola T5522
Motorola T5525
Motorola T5600
Motorola T5620
Motorola T5700
Motorola T5710
Motorola T5720
Motorola T5800
Motorola T5820
Motorola T5900
Motorola T5920
Motorola T5950
Motorola T6000
Motorola T6500
Motorola T6500R
Motorola T8500
Motorola T9500
Motorola T9680RSAME


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