FRS-003-NH / FRS-003-NH - Empire, NiMH 4.8volt 700mA

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Empire 2-Way Radio Replacement Battery for Cobra FA-BP; Fits Cobra ACC200, Cobra ACC511, Cobra ACC85, Cobra FA-CK, Cobra FRS100, Cobra FRS104, Cobra FRS1042, Cobra FRS110, Cobra FRS1102MFVP, Cobra FRS1102SB, Cobra FRS115, Cobra FRS130, Cobra FRS220, Cobra FRS235, Cobra FRS250, Cobra FRS250 MICRO, Cobra FRS300, Cobra FRS305, Cobra FRS307, Cobra FRS310, Cobra FRS310 WX, Cobra FRS315, Cobra FRS70, Cobra FRS80, Cobra FRS85, Cobra GA-CM, Cobra GA-CR, Cobra GA-CT, Cobra PR1050, Cobra PR1100, Cobra PR240, Cobra PR3000, Cobra PR3100, Cobra PR3175, Cobra PR350, Cobra PR50, Cobra PR500, Cobra PR550, Cobra PR550-WX, Cobra PR590, Cobra PR650-WX, Cobra PR900, Cobra PR900-DX, Cobra PR950, IKEGAMU BNH-ACC511, Maxon ACC511, Maxon PMR508, Maxon PMRS446.

Chemistry : NiMH
Colour :
Voltage : 4.8V
Nominal Capacity : 700 mAh
Dimensions :
Weight: :

One (1) year limited warranty from date of purchase

Compatible with the following batteries:
Cobra FA-BP    


Fits the following models:
Cobra ACC200
Cobra ACC511
Cobra ACC85
Cobra FA-CK
Cobra FRS100
Cobra FRS104
Cobra FRS1042
Cobra FRS110
Cobra FRS1102MFVP
Cobra FRS1102SB
Cobra FRS115
Cobra FRS130
Cobra FRS220
Cobra FRS235
Cobra FRS250
Cobra FRS250 MICRO
Cobra FRS300
Cobra FRS305
Cobra FRS307
Cobra FRS310
Cobra FRS310 WX
Cobra FRS315
Cobra FRS70
Cobra FRS80
Cobra FRS85
Cobra GA-CM
Cobra GA-CR
Cobra GA-CT
Cobra PR1050
Cobra PR1100
Cobra PR240
Cobra PR3000
Cobra PR3100
Cobra PR3175
Cobra PR350
Cobra PR50
Cobra PR500
Cobra PR550
Cobra PR550-WX
Cobra PR590
Cobra PR650-WX
Cobra PR900
Cobra PR900-DX
Cobra PR950
Maxon ACC511
Maxon PMR508
Maxon PMRS446


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