ENL33AE - Energizer LED Pocket Flashlight - 8 Lumens

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Energizer ENL33AE LED Pocket Flashlight - 8 Lumens

The Energizer LED Pocket Flashlight is compact and easy to use. This flashlight utilizes white LEDs that can provide light equivalent to many larger spotlights. Also, the Compact Pocket Flash Light from Energizer has a large slide switch that makes this flashlight easy to use. In addition, this Energizer flashlight is useful for shining light to small and narrow areas that regular flash lights cannot reach, such as behind the refrigerator, under the bed, around car seats, etc. The Energizer Compact Pocket Light is small, portable, and lightweight, making it a great addition to your backpack.

Key Features:
  • LED bulb never needs replacing and uses less energy, so batteries last longer
  • Large slide switch for easy activation
  • Compact and durable design
Output Modes: Single Brightness Level
Compatible Batteries: 3 x AAA
Batteries Included: No
Flashlight Usage: Every Day Carry, Search
Switch Location: Body
Brand: Energizer

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