ENFFL81E - Energizer Light Fusion Folding Lantern (with 4 AA batteries)

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Energizer ENFFL81E Light Fusion Folding Lantern
Features two light modes – plus customizable light output – for a variety of tasks and control. The Energizer ENFFL81E Light Fusion Folding Lantern pivots open for 360º of room-filling light, and also folds flat and compact for task lighting or transport. The powerful LED delivers vibrant, uniform area light in an ultra-sleek size. When operated with 8 batteries, it provides an impressive maximum output of 360 lumens of bright white light. The pivot hinge and stand allow for 360º area light – so you’ll have your hands free for any situation.
Packable and compact, this lantern is lightweight – just 13.8 oz. without batteries – in addition to being water resistant. The batteries are what make this Energizer ENFFL81E Light Fusion Folding Lantern versatile and perfect for emergency use – it runs on four or eight AA batteries (included) and has a run time of up to 360 hours on the high setting (8 batteries) and 36 hours on the low setting.
  • Light Type: LED
  • Product Type: Folding Lantern
  • Battery Type: AA
  • Color Family: Black
  • Light Output: 300 lumens
  • Lantern Type: Battery-Operated
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • 306 degree vibrant area light
  • Adjustable light panel
  • Water resistant
  • Variable light output (light dims by holding power button)
  • Runs on 4 or 8 AA batteries (does not change light output, only impacts run time)
  • Up to 100 hours run time
  • Powerful and portable
  • Includes 4 Energizer Max alkaline batteries


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