ENFAT41E - Energizer Light Fusion 3-in-1 Standing LED Work Light - 125 Lumens - Includes 4 x AAs

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Energizer Light Fusion 3 in 1 LED Light

Built for Labor

You need a light that works as hard as you do, able to illuminate the tiniest nooks and dark corners. Energizer's 3 in 1 is a flexible, multi-duty light. Unfolding legs, a pivoting head, and an innovative Light Fusion Technology panel let you mix and match features until your workspace is perfectly lit. Bright without being blinding, Light Fusion Technology takes multiple LEDs and blends their output together, creating an area-illuminating wall of light. Whether you're working under a car, digging through a dusty attic, brightening a campsite, or building a computer, the 3 in 1 can throw light where you need it.

Select the Light You Need

The 3 in 1 includes high and low brightness modes, and a Smart Dimming feature lets you scale the output anywhere between those two settings. This allows you to select only the amount of light you need, maximizing your battery life in the process. The high mode shines 125 lumens over a distance of 50 meters, and can run for up to 20 hours. Powered by four AA batteries (included), the 3 in 1 uses cells you already own.

Ready to Withstand Abuse

Everybody drops their gear from time to time, and flashlights are no exception. Impact and water resistant, the 3 in 1 is made with real world use in mind. It can fall up to 1 meter without damage, and its IPX-4 rating means it's safe to take outdoors in rain, fog, and snow.


  • 125 lumens of directed or broad-area lighting
  • Runtime up to 20 hours
  • Built-in tripod and pivoting head allow you to get light exactly where you need it
  • IPX-4 water resistant
  • 1 meter impact resistant

Output / Runtime:

  • 4x AA batteries (included): 20 hrs. / 125 lumens


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