COVID Update and Policies

Hi All,

I wanted to thank you all for your support.  We are glad to have opened up our Lansdowne store as of May 25, 2020.  Both stores have protective shields now and we are allowing only one customer in at a time NOT one household.  Both stores have rather small areas for customers so you will see what I mean if you visit us.  We try to wipe down the areas as much as we can.  Our employees vary in their degree of cautiousness but we do our best.  Here our are hours of operations

Recently we received a 1 star review from a customer name Lilian.  While I generally don't reply to reviews as I respect the opinions of all our customer good or bad but I felt this needed to be addressed.  Google is having issues with replying to reviews at the moment and when it works again I will reply in the appropriate section.  Here is what I would have wrote in the reply:

Dear Lilian,

I am the owner of Vancouver Battery and also happened to be there and see this interaction. You mentioned Bonnie Henry and asked if she specified if this was what we were told to do. As an employer I understand I am to support and create an environment that keeps my employees safe. There is no standard procedure that applies to all businesses. In her words she said 'Be Kind, Be Calm and Be Safe’. Safe means something different to everyone as we all have to protect ourselves and all those around us.

I am sorry you feel that only one customer rather than one household at a time in our small store offends you but the employee you dealt with feels it’s safer and protects herself and those in her life. I am fully in support of people doing what makes them feel safer and do what they feel is their part in keeping COVID under control. We are in uncharted territory and we all need to be understanding.


Danny Wong

Owner - Vancouver Battery Corp

I am so proud to see so many of you doing your best to keep safe and your cheerfulness often puts a smile on my face when I see you.  Keep safe and I look forward to being your battery provider for a long time.