AD101 - Fenix Diffuser Tip (Transparent)

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FENIX AD101 Transparent Diffuser Tip is an accessory for Fenix flashlights which converts the focused high-output beam of Fenix flashlight to a softer diffused wide-angle light. It not only can be used for reading in the darkness with wider area lighting, but also can be used as camping light or signal lamp. It is made of transparent materials, enjoying much better transmittance.

Features of Fenix AD101:
• Fits flashlights with diameter of 21.5mm, compatible with Fenix LD10, LD20, PD30
• Easy to attach, easy to remove
• Transmittance has increased 20%
• Able to convert focused high-output beam to a softer diffused wide-angle light
• Made from quality PC2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG.
• Impact resistant, super durable, which is known as bullet-proof plastic
• High temperature resistant with good heat stability

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