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Fenix Flashlights moving well

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Vancouver Battery is selling Fenix Flashlights very steadily.  Aside from our Vancouver customers we have been selling the Fenix Flashlights and accessories throughout Canada.  We stock pretty much every Fenix flashlight that is current along with chargers, batteries, tips etc.  The hottest things right now are the new TK75, the ARE-C1 battery charger,  and the ARB-L2 batteries.  We have played with this bad boy a little and so far are really impressed.  We feel it is an improvement over the TK70 and a bonus is that it doesn’t use D size batteries.

We are looking forward to selling many more Fenix Flashlight products throughout Vancouver and the rest of Canada!  Click Fenix Flashlights to see all Fenix Products!