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MAHA MH-C9000 Wizard vs La Crosse BC-900

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Hi All,

I have had a few questions recently asking me what I thought regarding the comparison between the MAHA Mh-C9000 Wizard vs the La Crosse BC-900. Admittedly,  I haven’t had a BC-900 in my hands for quite some time.  The only experience I had with it,  to be honest I wasn’t really all that impressed.  It has alot of features but I had problems getting the right settings.  Maybe I just got a bad one and will buy another to test in the future.

Regardless if I get a new one to test, I will say that I do like the MAHA Mh-C9000 alot more.  Its display is bright but more importantly the buttons are easy to press and features are easy to access.   If you are on the road you may find this charger is a little too big but if you have a ton of batteries or just want a good charger to tell you what capacity your batteries are at, the MAHA Mh-C9000 is definitely worth a look.  It is a little more expensive at around $69.99 + tax though.