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Fenix TK45 Flashlight

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Just got back from my fishing trip at Corbett Lake in Merritt where I got a chance to play a little with the TK45. I always wondered why people spent alot of money on flashlights and now I know why.

In the woods where its pitch dark this TK45 is superbright. In the dark we were able to spot our boat at about 150 feet away and shining into the woods brightens up a large area which helps for ‘chickens’ like me who aren’t particularly fond of dark places. I tested the settings trying to spot pine cones on a tree branch that was about 20-30 feet away and all except the lowest setting were great.

Last year, our bathroom in our cabin was not functioning and we had to walk to another cabin about 200-300 yards away if we had to go at night. I wish I had this flashlight then. This flashlight if shined in someones eyes is blinding so it could be used as defence as well.  Moving about the log cabin in pitch dark was easy on the lowest setting which only uses one of the three leds.  I also brought a Maglite up there that uses 3 – D size batteries and it was not comparable at all.

I can now see the value in a flashlight like this that is valued at around $170CDN.   I don’t think I would recommend this for the common household though as I think there are less expensive options for this purpose.  The major drawbacks are the initial cost as well as it takes 8AA batteries.  The positives are its four brightness settings as well as its three flashing modes make it very useful. It seems well constructed and worked well with rechargeable AA’s as well.

For anyone who wants a serious flashlight this is one to consider. Its perfect for outdoorsy people and people who work in dark places such as engineers.  If I were one of these people or just on the road alot or exposed to any situations where I might need to signal for help I would definitely consider one.

$170 + tax plus approximately another $6-10 in batteries (8 in and 8 for backup) is alot to spend for occasional use but if it could save my life than it’s not a high price to pay.

That’s my two cents…..