Powersonic - PS12280 - 12 volt - 28.0Ah - NB *** Special Order 10-14 days ***

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PS12280 NB

Powersonic - PS12280 - 12 volt - 28.0Ah - NB *** Special Order 10-14 days ***  
For volume or wholesale pricing please contact us at info@vancouverbattery.com or call 604-737-8463 for more information.  We provide special pricing for industrial,  corporate, wholesale, educational, government and health industries.  Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a complete battery solution.
Manufacturer :  Powersonic
Chemistry : Lead-acid (Pb-H2SO4)
Nominal Voltage :  12 V
Nominal Capacity :  28.0 Ah
Length :  6.50 inches
Width : 4.92 inches
Height :  6.97 inches
Approximate Weight :  20.70 lbs.
Terminal Type :  NB1: Tin plated brass post with ‘Nut & Bolt’ fasteners
Six (6) months limited warranty from date of purchase
Compatible with the following batteries:
Amstron 12V 26AH
BB 12V 28Ah
BB BP28-12
BB BPL28-12
CSB 12V 28Ah
CSB EVX12300
CSB GPL12280
CSB HR12120W
Douglas Guardian DBG12-28NB
Douglas Guardian DBG1224J
Douglas Guardian DG12-28NB
Douglas Guardian DG1224J
EnerSys 12V 24Ah
EnerSys NPX-100B
EnerSys NPX-100BFR
EnerSys NPX-100R
Exide EP26-12W
GS Storage PWL12V28
Hawker Cyclon 12V 26Ah
Hawker Cyclon 12GA30
Hitachi HP28-12W
IBT BT26-12
Interstate 12V 24Ah
Interstate 12V 26Ah
Interstate 12V 28Ah
Interstate ABSL1150
Interstate BSL1150
Interstate PC12280
Interstate SLA1147
Interstate SLA1150
Interstate SLA1152
Interstate SLA1601
Interstate SLA2860
Kung Long WP26-12T
Kung Long WP28-12
Kung Long WP30-12T
Kung Long WP30-12TN
MK ES28-12
MK ES30-12
Panasonic 12V 24Ah
Panasonic 12V 26Ah
Panasonic LC-X1228AP
Panasonic LC-X1228P
Panasonic LC-XB1228
Panasonic LC-XB1228AP
Panasonic LC-XB1228P
Panasonic LC-XC1228AP
Panasonic LC-XC1228P
Panasonic LC-XC1228P/PA
Power Patrol SLA1152
Power-Sonic 12V 28Ah
Power-Sonic PHR-12100
Power-Sonic PS-12280
Power-Sonic PS-12280
Ritar 12V 24Ah
Ritar 12V 26Ah
Ritar 12V 28Ah
Ritar RT12280D
Ritar RT12280SD
Stinger SPP925
Tempest TD28-12A
Tempest TR28-12
Vision CP12280S
Yuasa 12V 24Ah
Yuasa 12V 28Ah
Yuasa NPX-100B
Yuasa NPX-100BFR
Yuasa NPX-100R





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