Powersonic - PS12140 - 12 volt - 14.0Ah - F2

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PS12140 F2

Powersonic PS-12140- 12V / 14.0Ah Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery
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Manufacturer : Powersonic
Chemistry : Lead-acid (Pb-H2SO4)
Nominal Voltage : 12 V
Nominal Capacity : 14.0 Ah
Length : 5.95 inches
Width : 3.86 inches
Height : 3.70 inches, 3.94 with terminals
Approximate Weight : 9.25 lbs.
Terminal Type : F2
Six (6) months limited warranty from date of purchase
Compatible with the following batteries:
Access SLA12120
Amstron AP-12120F2
Amstron AP-12140EV
Amstron AP-12140F2
BB BP12-12
BB BPL12-12
BB EB12-12
BB EP12-12
BB EVP12-12
BB HR15-12
Casil CA12120
CSB EVH12140
CSB EVH12140F2
CSB EVH12150
CSB EVH12150F2
CSB EVX12110
CSB EVX12120
CSB EVX12120F2
CSB GH12100
CSB GP12100A
CSB GP12110
CSB GP12110 F2
CSB GP12110F1
CSB GP12110F2
CSB GP12120
CSB GP12120 F2
CSB GP12120F2
CSB GPL-12120F2
CSB GPL12120
Douglas Guardian DBG12-12G
Douglas Guardian DBG1212A
Douglas Guardian DG12-12G
Douglas Guardian DG1212A
Eagle Picher CF12V15
Elk ELK-12100
Elk ELK-12120
EnerSys NP12-12
EnerSys NP12-12FR
EnerSys NP12-12T
Exide EP12-12
GS Storage PE12V12F2
Haze HZS12-12
Hitachi HP12-12
IBT BT10-12
IBT BT12-12
IBT BT15-12
Interstate ABSL1104
Interstate ABSL1105
Interstate BSL1104
Interstate BSL1105
Interstate DCM0012
Interstate PC12120
Interstate PC1220
Interstate SLA1104
Interstate SLA1105
Interstate SLA3060
Johnson Controls JC12120
Jolt SA12120F1
Jolt SA12120F2
Kung Long WP10-12
Kung Long WP11-12
Kung Long WP12-12
Kung Long WP12-12E
Leoch LP12-12
MK ES12-12
OD 6-DW-12
Panasonic LC-PB1210PU
Panasonic LC-R1211P
Panasonic LC-R1212P
Panasonic LC-R12V10PF
Panasonic LC-R12V12P
Panasonic LC-R12V12PF
Panasonic LC-R8512P
Panasonic LC-R8512PF
Panasonic LC-R8512PS
Panasonic LC-RA1212CH
Panasonic LC-RA1212P
Panasonic LC-RA1212P1
Panasonic LC-RA1212PG1
Panasonic LC-RA1212PU
Panasonic LC-RA1214PC1
Panasonic LC-RA1215PC1
Panasonic LC-RB1210PU
Power Patrol SLA3060
Power-Sonic PS-12100
Power-Sonic PS-12120
Power-Sonic PS-12140
Rhino SLA10-12/T25
Ritar RT12120EV
Ritar RT12140EV
Sonnenschein 2145139800
Sonnenschein 789552500
Sonnenschein 95525
Sonnenschein A212/10S
Sonnenschein A212/12G
Sonnenschein A212/9.5S
Sonnenschein A412/8.5 SR
Sonnenschein A512100S
Sonnenschein A51210S
Sonnenschein CR1212
Sonnenschein NGA5120010HSOSA
Tempest TD12-12
Tempest TD14-12
Tempest TR12-12
Union MX-12120
Union MX-12120 F2
Universal (UPG) D5775
Universal (UPG) UB12120
Vision 6FM12
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Volcano KB12120
Yuasa NP12-12
Yuasa NP12-12FR
Yuasa NP12-12T



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