Powersonic - PS-6120FP - 6 volt - 13Ah - F1- & F2+

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PS-6120 FP

Powersonic PS-6120 FP - 6V / 13.0Ah Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery
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Manufacturer : Powersonic
Chemistry : Lead-acid (Pb-H2SO4)
Nominal Voltage : 6 V
Nominal Capacity : 13.0 Ah
Length : 4.25 inches
Width : 2.80 inches
Height : 5.55 inches
Approximate Weight : 4.80 lbs.
Terminal Type : F1 .187 - & F2 .250 + TERMINAL
Six (6) months limited warranty from date of purchase
Compatible with the following batteries:
3m Healthcare 7800
ADT Security 899953
AGT Battery LA695
Atlite 24-1004
Atlite PS695
B & B Battery BP13-6S
B & B Battery BP13-6T3
Carpenter Watchman 610850R000
Carpenter Watchman A074
Centrimed BLOOD PUMP
Chloride 1000010044
Chloride 1000010113
Chloride 100N67
Chloride 6V11.0AH
Chloride GC690
Chloride GC960
Chloride TMF50TV2
Continental Scale 1 SYSTEM
Continental Scale 5000 SYSTEM 1
Csb Battery Of Americ GH695
Csb Battery Of Americ GP6120
Douglas DG1212
Douglas DG1295A
Douglas DG612
Douglas DG612A
Douglas DG69.5
Douglas DG69.5A
Dual Lite 12-273
Dual Lite 12-294
Dual Lite 12-612
Dual Lite A74TN2
Dyna Ray S18201
Dynacell WP956
Eagle Picher Batterie CF12V12L
Eagle Picher Batterie CF12V9
Eagle Picher Batterie CF12V9L
Eagle Picher Batterie CF6V14
Eagle Picher Batterie CF6V9
Eagle Picher Batterie CF6V9.5
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM12V12
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM12V12L
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM12V12LPP
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM12V9L
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM6V12
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM6V24
Eagle Picher Batterie CVM6V12
Elcom EP12801
Elsar 16222
Elsar 2330
Elsar 2334
Elsar 414
Elsar 418
Elsar 420
Elsar 436
Elsar 438
Emergi-Lite 12DSE54
Emergi-Lite 12JSM54
Emergi-Lite 12KSM4
Emergi-Lite 12KSM6
Emergi-Lite 12LC2002
Emergi-Lite 12LSM110
Emergi-Lite 12LSM11001
Emergi-Lite 12LSM162
Emergi-Lite 12LSM220B
Emergi-Lite 12LSM4
Emergi-Lite 12LSM54
Emergi-Lite 12LSM6
Emergi-Lite 12LSM7
Emergi-Lite 12M1
Emergi-Lite 12M4
Emergi-Lite 12M4CS
Emergi-Lite 12M6
Emergi-Lite 12M6G
Emergi-Lite 12M7
Emergi-Lite 12M8
Emergi-Lite 12MC
Emergi-Lite 24M6G
Emergi-Lite 24M8
Emergi-Lite 6JSM3
Emergi-Lite 6KSM3
Emergi-Lite 6KSM4
Emergi-Lite 6KSM5
Emergi-Lite 6KSM6
Emergi-Lite 6LSM3
Emergi-Lite 6LSM4
Emergi-Lite 6LSM5
Emergi-Lite 6LSM6
Emergi-Lite 6M4
Emergi-Lite 6M4CS
Emergi-Lite 6M5
Emergi-Lite 6M6
Emergi-Lite 6MB
Emergi-Lite 6TSM3
Emergi-Lite 6TSM4

PS6120 FP

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