Powersonic - PS-445 - 4 volt - 4.5Ah - F2 *** Special Order 10-14 days ***

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PS445 F2

Powersonic PS-445 - 4V / 4.5 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery
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Manufacturer : Powersonic
Chemistry :Lead-acid (Pb-H2SO4)
Nominal Voltage : 4 V
Nominal Capacity : 4.5 Ah
Length : 1.89 inches
Width : 2.09 inches
Height : 3.70 inches
Approximate Weight : 1.30 lbs
Terminal Type : F2
Six (6) months limited warranty from date of purchase
Compatible with the following batteries:
Battery Center BC445
Brooks Equipment BAT446
Chloride 1000010118
Chloride 1000010161
Chloride 100001A114
Chloride 100001A118
Chloride ESP2
Chloride ESP2SG1A
Dantona LEAD-4-4.5PS
Dual Lite 12-581
Dual Lite 12-690
Dual Lite 12-693
Dual Lite 2B2G
Dual Lite BED
Dual Lite BEP
Dual Lite BHR
Dual Lite EDC104
Dual Lite EIC1
Dynacell WP454
Eagle Picher Batterie CFM4V4.6
Emergi-Lite M19
Emergi-Lite M19017
GS Battery PE4V4.5
GS Battery PE4V4.5F2
Hi Light 3910
Interstate Batteries ASLA0826
Jasco RB445
Jasco RBX446
Jolt Batteries SA445
Kung Long WP4.5-4
Leoch DJW4-4.5
Lintronics NP424
National Battery C12D
National Battery C12DD
National Power Corpor GF010R7
National Power Corpor GR010R7
North Supply 782135
Ohio Medical Products 2350 ANESTHESIA
Ohmeda 2350
Panasonic LCS384P
Powercell PC445
Powersonic PS-445
Powertron PE4V45F2
Rd 5671
SBC S445
SBS S445
Sentry Lite PM445
Siltron 1001163
Sonnenschein 1001161
Sonnenschein 4V4
Sonnenschein EP300
Sonnenschein N4812I
Sonnenschein PS445
Storage Battery Syste S445
Sure-Lites 3910
Technacell EP645
Technacell TC645
Tempest TR4.5-4
Toyo 2FM4.5
Trio Lighting TL930002
Universal Battery 40559
Universal Battery UB445
Yuasa NP424

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