HDDIN32E - Energizer 250 Lumens, LED Gray Headlamp

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Energizer Vision HDDIN32E Headlamp 315 Lumen

The 315 lumen Energizer Vision headlamp from Battery Products is the perfect low cost headlamp for construction workers and road crews. Powered by three long lasting Energizer AAA batteries, the Energizer Vision uses three powerful LEDs to light the way for up to 50 hours.  

Advanced LED Technology

Energizer’s HDDIN32E Vision headlamp utilizes state-of-the-art LEDs, four times brighter than standard LED technology. Choose from three lighting options:

  1. White Spot LED
  2. White Flood LED
  3. Red Night Vision

Controlled by two large buttons, the Energizer Vision headlamp is easy to operate even while wearing gloves. The Energizer Vision also features digital focus and memory recall.

Heavy Duty Headlamp

The 300 lumen Energizer Vision HDDIN32E headlamp is ideal for numerous industrial applications. An IPX4 water resistance rating is perfect for outdoor use, while a shatter proof lens makes it a favorite among road crews and construction workers. A silicone beaded adjustable strap helps the headlamp stay tight to hardhats, while a one meter impact resistance rating keeps the lamp safe if it somehow manages to come loose.


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