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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why deal with Vancouver Battery Corp?

We provide the most comprehensive lineup of batteries and back all of our products with our superior customer and warranties.

What makes Vancouver Battery different from other ecommerce retailers?

One of the things that we find instills trust in our customers is that we are not just an ecommerce retailer but we also have a retail storefront in Vancouver. We are real people who deal with people up front everyday. Its part of who we are. We have built our reputation by taking care of people and that caring doesn’t change with our online customers.

All of our products are carefully chosen. Our president Danny Wong is careful when it comes to safety. Having a young family, he would never sell a battery that he would not have in his household that could malfunction or pose a risk to them.

Why are some online dealers less expensive?

Some dealers deal directly with overseas manufacturers and thus get lower pricing on some batteries – usually laptop, camcorder and digital camera batteries. Although we could offer some less expensive generic brands we choose to carry more well known reliable products to lessen any problems due to poor workmanship and low quality battery cells. We put a value on both our customer’s time as well as our time and don’t want to waste any time dealing with returns on defective items because of cheaper quality. For us – no business is better than bad business!

Why do you call yourself the one stop shop?

We try to have a complete line of almost every battery that would be used in a common household. One of our suppliers did a survey and found that the average household uses 17 different types of batteries. We know that time is very valuable so we try to make sure you spend as little of it as possible when searching for batteries.

What is an OEM battery?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means that the battery is made by the same manufacturer of the item that you are using. Ie. Sony, Canon, Nikon etc… In general an OEM battery will cost quite a bit more than a third party battery.

Are there any compatibility issues with Third Party Batteries?

Yes – there have been some compatibility issues with a few models of cameras, camcorders and laptops. We try to make note of them in our website as that information becomes available to us. We will reimburse our customers in such a case.

Why are OEM batteries so much more expensive?

We believe that OEM batteries are more expensive mostly because of the reputation of the manufacturer. Who can argue with giants such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. In many cases customers can only use an OEM battery because there simply isn’t a third party one available or there are compatibility issues. In our opinion OEM batteries are very good quality but for most users are quite expensive in comparison to the original price of the camera.

For many expensive or pro level components OEM batteries are the way to go and even we sometimes have to source these for our customer. However, for the everyday regular consumer we are totally satisfied with brands they we offer as we feel there quality rivals the more expensive OEM brands but are superior to the cheaper generic brands.

What are the hazards of Ebay and other low priced ecommerce websites?

With Ebay we have found that there are many individuals who sell batteries of all different kinds. We have bought items off of it for personal use and find it is a great market place for all kinds of things. However, there are so many battery manufacturers making varying qualities of batteries. Other issues are shipping costs, brokerage fees, duties and warranty issues. Sometimes a battery that costs $20 on eBay can end up being double or triple that after you factor in shipping, duties and brokerage fees. On top of that you usually have to pay to ship it back for warranty if there is a problem.

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