DLF40 - Lenmar, Li-ion 3.7volt 800mA

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Lenmar Digital Camera Replacement Battery for Fujifilm NP-40/40N, Kodak KLIC-7005, Pentax D-Li8, Samsung SBL0737, SLB-0737

Chemistry : Li-ion
Colour : Tan
Voltage : 3.7V
Nominal Capacity : 800mAh
Dimensions: : 1.60 x 1.39 x 0.23
Weight: : 0.1 lbs.

Two (2) year limited warranty from date of purchase

Compatible with the following batteries:
Fujifilm NP-40
Fujifilm NP-40N
Kodak KLIC-7005

Pentax D-Li8

Samsung SBL0737
Samsung SLB-0737

Fits the following camera models:
FinePix 402
FinePix F402
FinePix F455
FinePix F455 Zoom
FinePix F460 Zoom
FinePix F470
FinePix F470 Zoom
FinePix F610
FinePix F610 Zoom
FinePix F650 Zoom
FinePix F700
FinePix F710
FinePix F810
FinePix F810 Zoom
FinePix F811
FinePix V10
FinePix V10 Zoom
FinePix Z2
FinePix Z2 Zoom
FinePix Z3
FinePix Z3 Zoom

Optio A10
Optio A20
Optio S
Optio S4
Optio S4i
Optio S5i
Optio S5n
Optio S5z
Optio S5i
Optio S5z
Optio S6
Optio S7
Optio SV
Optio SVi
Optio T10
Optio T20
Optio W10
Optio W20
Optio WP
Optio WPi
Optio X

DigiMax #1
DigiMax i5
DigiMax i50 MP3
DigiMax i5B
DigiMax i5S

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