Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas

Hi All,

With Christmas coming up soon here are some of the products that I feel would make great gifts.

Fenix PD35

This flashlight is used by many law enforcement,  military and outdoor enthusiasts.  Its been one of the most popular flashlights due to its small size and five output modes with the highest at 960 lumens. Its a flashlight for someone who takes lighting seriously.

Energizer - 900 Lumen Metal Flashlight

Not quite as a small or having as many options as the Fenix PD35 this flashlight's value is in its great price point.  Its a great flashlight to have around the house or to take on outdoors.  It conveniently runs on AA's which are easily to find.  Energizer EPMHH61E

Panasonic Eneloop Pro Charger with 4 Eneloop Pro AA rechargeable batteries

We are noticing that people are really liking the Eneloop Pro batteries for performance.  The drawback on them is that they are a little more pricey then the standard Eneloop batteries which are still strong performers.  This charger kit comes with 4 Eneloop Pro's so you can get a chance to try out one of the best batteries on the market.  The charger also works with the standard Eneloop batteries as well as other brands of Nimh batteries.